Monday, February 22, 2010

American Girl's: Julie Albright

So, I have been a fan of the American Girls Series since I was 11 years old. (I know, a little old to start the sereis, but that's when I found them.) With finding the 2 newest historical figures, I decided I wanted to start a year long (10 month) series using the girls.

For January, I decided to do a study on Julie Albright whose story takes place in the 1970's.
Since Julie is from the 1970's I wanted to have the girls make something with a disco ball feel. I came up with a disco picture frame made from foam sheets and broken c.d.'s.

I grabbed some old c.d's (most of them from AOL) and started breaking them apart with a pair of kitchen shears. I cut different shapes and sizes and set them aside in a plastic baggie. Then I cut a sheet of  foam board in half and cut a hole in the center that was big enough to frame a 5 x 6 photograph. (roughly 7 x 8 for the boarder). I then glued the side with a hole to the other half of the sheet of foam board, leaving the top unglued so a picture could slide through.

On the day of the program, I grabbed several books that were published in the '70's and books that won Caldecott's and Newbery's and also a few books about the 1970's and major ecological events ( Love Canal and Three Mile Island) since Julie loves nature.

While I didn't have a huge turnout, the few girls that came loved making the craft and I was able to adapt the craft for the little sister who wasn't old enough for the program by replacing the c.d. pieces with foam flowers that she could stick on the frame.