Friday, July 18, 2008

Prince of Underwhere by Bruce Hale and Shane Hillman

Bruce Hale and Shane Hillman are potty humor geniouses! This book is about Zeke, his twin sister Stephanie, their neighbor Hector and Hector's TALKING cat. While the kids are running from two "spies" the go through a portal to the land of Underwhere. Zeke is discovered to be the Price of Underwhere and a zany adventure begins.

I loved this book. When I finished reading I was desperate to read more. Bruce Hale and Shane Hillman have begun a hilarious new series that tween boys are going to love to devour. Even some of the tomboyish girls will enjoy the bathroom humor that is literally on every page of this book. I give Prince of Underwear to big thumbs up (which equals 5 flushes on the flush scale.)

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