Thursday, January 15, 2009

Roscoe Riley Rules #1: Never Glue Your Friends to Chairs by Katherine Applegate

The first book in the Roscoe Riley Doesn't Mean to Break the Rules series. Roscoe Riley has a little problem following all the rules the grown-up in his life give him. Whether it's simple rules like don't touch the don't paint the class hamsters green to don't touch the Super-Mega-Gonzo-Glue, Roscoe can't seem to follow them.

Roscoe knows he's not supposed to touch the Super-Mega-Gonzo Glue, but when he notices the "head-bobbles" not staying and bee drummers who would rather have sword or light saber battles, he can't help but use the "grown-up" glue to help save the day.

I love Roscoe Riley. He reminds me of a couple of my cousins when we were little. Younger, new-to-chapter-book elementary school children will love this story simply because Roscoe is just like them. Also, teachers will get a kick out of the semi-accurate description of 1st graders anticipating an open-house.

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